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"And I forgot to mention  Apr 7, 2021 garish meaning: 1. unpleasantly bright: 2. unpleasantly bright: 3. showy or too brightly colored: . Learn more. May 28, 2019 1.

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[adjective] 0 The place, without containing much furniture, was a riot of garish, barbaric colour. Sentence with the word Garish. And I forgot to mention the billboards – giant things stretching from the ground up to about 15 – 20 feet up, typically in garish yellow or red, no pictures, just Chinese characters, and frequently tattered, faded, and torn.. Now, a lot of the time, this is littered with various large kids 'toys, things to ride on in garish colors and whatnot.

them a very special welcome, as they almost were submerged in garish garlands,​. av I Sandström · 2017 — be garish effects, meaning- less temporary consequenc-.

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3. Glaringly bright. Examples of Garish in a sentence. "  Examples of gaudy in a sentence: 1.

Garish in a sentence

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Garish in a sentence

2. Oh, the garish years," she wailed, "since then! 3.

Garish in a sentence | garish example sentences It is garish and unrefined. She looked garish as usual wearing a hennaed. She thought it ugly, garish in a more-is-less way. Garish in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb) Garish in a sentence (1) It's a little too garish for my taste. (2) They climbed the garish purple-carpeted stairs. Garish In A Sentence How To Use Garish In A Sentence?
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dome, sentence dom, kupol dome domare glaring, garish grälsjuk quarrelsome, cantankerous  The modern cult of Halloween - with garish costumes, ghost-masks and the deplorable Trick or Treat - is In what context does this sentence appear Charles? Gala Gaffe Gore Goggle Going Gaunt Gourd Gown Garish Gouge Garage Got Sentence Synergy Separate Section Seed Sentient Sensible Secure Second  27 maj 2014 — but I cannot speak English. Therefore, this sentence uses the machine translation. Where's the garish color scheme?

14538. munitions. 14539. refuel. 14540.
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3. He was standing between a garish dream and commonplace realities. 4. So, about nine o’clock, he strolled into the huge, garish … Here are some example sentences containing the word garish:For some reason, the floor mats only come in a variety of garish colors.Some find Mardi Gras a garish spectacle of excess and hedonism The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Garish but also gives extensive definition in English language. The definition of Garish is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Garish. Examples of 'garish' in a sentence garish.

- lighter, barge prägel. 2 nov. 2015 — ,sentence,purse,glasses,cabin,universe,towards,repeat,mirror,wound ,gayest​,gauging,gastro,gaslight,gasbag,garters,garish,garas,garages  in a 10,000-square-foot McMansion full of garish baubles and expensive toys in Each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, said George  The modern cult of Halloween - with garish costumes, ghost-masks and the deplorable Trick or Treat - is In what context does this sentence appear Charles? the tune to shape phrases, oten seen as musical sentences” (Keegan 2010:74)​. sånär som på the Garish Dance (garish betyder förresten näbbgädda) – och  Gabriel von Eisenstein has been sentenced to a short prison sentence.
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Examples from Classical Literature. To follow strictly the pompeiian palace style would be too garish in our modern circumscribed environment. A section of the roof turned a garish yellow as Kennon circled the building. The altars, other than the above, are garish and unappealing. Garish in a sentence. (1) It's a little too garish for my taste.

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papoose. 18521. sing. 30 mars 2021 — 13583. garish. 13584.

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found it irresistible because of Cornell's ability to mesmerize, despite the garish dialogue. garish light translation in English - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'garnish', garishly',gash',garrison', examples, definition, conjugation.

(32) Arch and Taiwan are the paper - cut - shaped dotted line into the town of garish. (33) The heavy smells, the foreign babble, the garish multitudinous signs in a strange alphabet, dizzied him. Examples of garish in a Sentence the wedding guest's thick makeup was garish and unnecessary Recent Examples on the Web The mural’s palette, though muted, evokes the W.P.A. murals of the nineteen-thirties as well as the slightly more garish aesthetic of the 1964 New York World’s Fair.